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The Early Years

It was (May) 2003 when Kevin Parker and Pete Metoyer, long time truckers, started their own trucking company in a small office on Woodlawn St. in Kilgore, Texas.
The two started with Pete's one truck, two phone lines and a lot of dreams supported by hard work.  A year later they were up 12 trucks and moved to a little bigger office in Longview, Texas and hired one person to help with the paperwork.  They had several accounts locally and soon they were up to 20 trucks running everything from household goods, T.V.s, bottled water and even peanuts to the Super Bowl.  One of their customers in Gladewater, Texas was a lemon juice manufacturer Sales USA Inc., Pompeii

After hauling the Pompeii bottles for many years they were told they were losing a customer.  The owner, Mr, Ron Cox, was wanting to retire after 35 years in business. Kevin and Pete had an idea.  They wanted to always have freight for their trucks and both were intrigued by manufacturing; mainly with food industry.  So it was March 12, 2007 and they were now owners of Pompeii.

Not knowing much about the food industry the two had to learn fast.  Like in trucking, they knew their customer was important and wanted a good product.  Producing top quality 100% juice was a must for the new owners.  Also developing new and fresh products was important. In the  begining , Pompeii's juice product lines consisted of lemon, lime, key lime, organic lemon and grenadine all in the unique four ounce bottle. During their first year of ownership organic lime juice was introduced.  Two year later went by and another opportunity presented itself to the eager entrepreneurs.


It was August 2008 that Pete and Kevin ran upon a  plant in Marshall, Texas by the name of Merry Time.  The owners were closing and wanted to retire.  A deal was made and now the two owned two food manufacturing facilities in Texas.  The Merry Time plant was soon occupied and converted to run not only the existing 8 ounce line, but now was capable of running 32 ounce, half gallons and gallons. 

In 2011 Pompeii introduced larger sizes of their product and entered into the Foodservice business.  In October Pompeii developed a very unique 13 oz. bottle.  The classic bottle will resemble a fresh cut lemon or lime and occupy the same space on a shelf as a 4 oz bottle.   THEIR STORY CONTINUES.....
Their story does continue...
Over time Pompeii was constantly asked for more unique products from their customers so in February 2013 they developed a seasoning line called Produce Enhancers.  These value added items were designed to help produce departments make more money and reduce their shrink.  The line has now grown from seasonings to smoothies, caramels, chocolate dips, batters and more juice products.   
These two old truckers are not stopping here.  They have plans to add many more items to their existing lines to always help keep them up-to-date with current trends. Stay tuned for more to come.....

Our mission:   Provide great tasting products with high consumer appeal while constantly improving production standards.