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What we carry:

Our only real competition is a lemon

Sports Blast
Other great products carried by Sales USA Inc.

Slenders -The perfect addition to your 16oz bottle of water.

Single serving size to take anywhere you go, and it is 100% JUICE. Not a powder!

•        Made in the U.S.A

•        Convenient for travel

•        100% lemon juice contains 5 ml per pouch

•        More sanitary than cutting an actual lemon

•        Kosher & Gluten free

•        Easy pour pouch

•        Pompeii lemon juice has a shelf life of 1 year

•        Great for cooking


Sports Blast -

•      Made in the USA

•      Sports Blast, an electrolyte drink formulated specifically for kids

•      Only 50 calories per bottle.  Less sodium and less sugar then other leading kids drinks

•      Vitamin enriched with great taste.  Contains vitamins B1, B3, B5, B12 & C

•      No caffeine, gluten free

•      Four great flavors:   Freestyle Fruit Punch,  Groovin’ Grape,   Rollin’ Blue Raspberry & Inline Orange


Fiesta -

·         Made in the USA

·         32 oz. squat quart

·         5 great flavors: Blue Raspberry, Citrus Punch, Watermelon, Aloha Punch, Apple Delight

·         Contains 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C

·         4 serving per squat container, 8 oz. each



•POMPEII offers solutions to maximize sales without adding labor
•Display trays are easy to merchandise product
•Reduces labor at store level
•“Easy to shop” for consumers
•Display all flavors in a row to increase sales and minimize display space



72/4oz (2 trays of 36ct.)
•1 sq. ft. space!
•High impulse sales item!
•Custom-mix available!
•Full-Year Holiday Headers available!
•Recipe pads attached to each header!
•Extra sales without extra work!


"No-Labor" Display Tray

 42 tray Lemon

  • 42 tray Lime
  • 42 tray Key Lime
  • Lemon Lime Shipper
  • 13 oz Lemon
  • ​13 oz Lime

 12 pack Lemon

  • 12 pack Lime
  • 12 pack Key Lime
  • 12 pack Grenadine
  • 24 pack Lemon
  • 24 pack Lime
  • 24 pack Key Lime
  • 24 pack Organic Lemon
  • 24 pack Organic Lime

For information about our product , buying for retail or using in food service please contact:


National Sales & Marketing Manager

Becki Rollins


 13 oz size Lemon and 13 oz Lime !